Clogged Sink Drain Service in Kelowna

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Clogged Sink Drain Service in Kelowna

At Shamrocks Plumbing & Heating we are widely known throughout the Kelowna area for providing quality plumbing services that will exceed your expectations as a new customer. And we are the go-to plumbing company for many clients who hire us for maintenance on various plumbing or heating needs.

Clogged Sink Drain Service in Kelowna

Clogged Sink Drain Service in Kelowna

As full service professional plumbers we are able to sort out all of your home or business needs, including maintenance, installation, fixing leaks and all kinds of work in residential and commercial properties. Tap, tub or toilet… whatever it is that you are looking for you can call on us to send an authorized plumber to take care of everything in a competent and respectful fashion.


Repairs can run from the minor variety – for example a leaky tap – to more serious ones which are, or possibly may become, disastrous. Our committed plumbers can offer the tools, skills and experience to take care of any sort of dilemma that comes your way, and they’re specialists at everything from leak detection to pipe installations.

We’re able to promptly correct all types of plumbing issues which could arise in your house or business. For any plumbing emergency, don’t hesitate to call. We have invariably got an emergency 24 hour plumber available on call who’ll be sent out to your property as quickly as possible. Any time day or night, you’ll be able to depend on us for attentive and timely assistance in an emergency. We understand exactly how aggravating plumbing related problems tend to be, particularly if it’s an emergency situation out of the regular working day.

All Sorts of Installations

We at Shamrocks Plumbing have a long standing history of good quality workmanship. Regardless if you wish to get a bit of insulating pipe, or a nice new kitchen basin installed, or you require a re-pipe or installation in a residential or commercial premises, we’ve got the ability and the practical experience to ensure any work is carried out properly.

We’re in addition an established leader for upgrading plumbing systems in old houses, something that we have been achieving for a long time now, most notably in the many magnificent properties in Kelowna BC.

Our residential and commercial plumbing service is the best option for heritage homes and contemporary homes across the Kelowna area.

If you need leaky faucet repair work done call us for a quick quote by phone, so you know what you are looking at. Our office number – (250) 575-8138

No job too big or small, we can fix it. When you need a plumber or are looking for plumbing companies we are the logical choice. Recommended by your friends and neighbors as their go-to unclog bathtub experts. No matter what the problem, you can count on us. For the fastest service, use this phrase in search 24 hour plumbers near me. Our name usually comes up

Shamrocks Plumbing and Heating
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Kelowna BC, V1X 5M9
Ph: (250) 575-8138
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Clogged Sink Drain Service in Kelowna

24 Hr Plumber Service Oakridge

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Pioneer Plumbing and Heating is your go-to plumber in Vancouver for everything from a backed up toilet or a leaky faucet, to furnace repair, HVAC replacement, air conditioning repair and commercial boiler maintenance. Everything from a residential plumbing problem to commercial plumbing repair. We are there for you.

24 Hr Plumber Service Work in Oakridge

24 Hr Plumber Service Work in Oakridge

As professional Vancouver plumbers we can deal with any of business or home service needs, including routine maintenance, repair of leaks, new installations and all sorts of plumbing work in commercial and residential properties. Toilet, tub or tap… whatever it is you need you can call on us to send an authorized plumber to take care of everything in a courteous and competent manner.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Prospective repairs can run from the minor variety – such as a leaking faucet – to those that are, or possibly may become, disastrous. Our specialist plumbers have the tools, skills and experience to sort out any kind of dilemma that crops up, and they are experts at any plumbing challenge from pipework installations to leak troubleshooting.

We’re able to easily remedy any type of plumbing issue that might arise at your house or business premises. For all your plumbing emergencies, don’t hesitate to call. We have continually got an emergency 24 hour plumber available who will be dispatched to your premises in Vancouver ASAP. Any time day or night, you’ll be able to count on us for fast and attentive help in your time of need. We appreciate precisely how annoying plumbing related issues tend to be, particularly if it is an emergency after the normal working day.

All Sorts of Installations

Pioneer Plumbing has a lengthy history of top quality work. Whether you’d like to get a nice new bath or some insulating pipe put in, or you need an installation or a complete re-pipe in a commercial or residential premises, we have the know-how and on-site experience to make certain all work is done to code.

We’re regarded also as a leader in updating the pipework in older houses, something that we’ve been doing for quite a while, especially in the numerous amazing homes in Vancouver’s West End.

Our dedicated residential and commercial plumbing service is the best option for newer homes and older properties all over the Greater Vancouver area.

If you need a plumber call us for a quick quote by phone, so you know what you are looking at. Our office number – (604) 872-4946

No job too big or small, we can fix it. When you need a plumber or are looking for plumbing contractors we are the logical choice. Recommended by your friends and neighbors as their go-to unclog bathtub experts. No matter what the problem, you can count on us. For the fastest service, use this phrase in search plumbing services near me. Our name usually comes up


Pioneer Plumbing & Heating Inc
Phone: (604) 872-4946
626 Kingsway, Vancouver BC, V5T 3K4
Place ID ChIJGXVB3ldxhlQRrjyJZMX9j98


Office Hours:
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours
Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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24 Hr Plumber Service Work in Oakridge

Don’t Forget About The Roof

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Storms can cause a lot of harm to your roof so it is essential that you check it immediately after a storm in order to make sure that damage has not been done. Remember, this is the part of your house that protects you and your property from all the devastation caused by Mother Nature. It is an essential part of your house as it not only safeguards your home but also gives it a pleasing appearance.

Need for Temporary Repair

Immediately after a storm, make sure you examine the top of your house and spot the areas that have been damaged. Unless you are an engineer or a technician with proper skills, do not try to fix the damages all by yourself. Remember above everything else, it is your house and personal belonging that are at risk. If you do not fix the damages at the right time and correctly, you may end up with extensive damage to home and furniture.

Temporary roof repair is a must to make sure that your house is well-protected and that you avoid further damage until you can get the right person to fix it permanently. The important thing is to cover all of the holes first. Once that is done, you can hire a good technician for more permanent repair.

The Best Fixes 

The best temporary fix after a storm is to lay a tarpaulin sheet or water proof canvas over the leaky roof. This ensures that there are no leakages happening. Make sure you do this carefully seeking the help of other members of your family. Cover it tightly so that wind doesn’t enter your house. Once you cover tightly with the sheet, safe guard the ends by tying them using ropes and nails. This will seal all the holes and will prevent the water and air from entering your home.

Once you are done with this, call an expert who is well-trained in roofing to make permanent repairs. This will help you prevent expensive damage in future and your initial assessment and fix may not help the roof withstand the next storm.

Hire A Professional Roofer

Seeking a professional roofing contractor is essential at this point of time. In order to search for a good contractor, you can seek the help of yellow pages or ask your neighbors to suggest a good technician.

The first thing you should remember to do when you are tackling a roofing project is to make sure that you apply an ice and water barrier to the roof, especially around chimneys, sky lights, etc. Another important tip to remember is that all materials that you use must be dry, or they could distort the entire roofing project.

Ask About The Details

If the roofing on your deck needs to be replaced as well, make sure that you only use three quarter inch pieces of plywood for the job. Also make sure that the space you leave between the plywood pieces is at least one eighth of an inch. This will give the wood room to expand.

Drip edges are a very important part of your overall roofing project and the roofing tips and advice for these would be to make sure that drip edges are installed to not only to give a finishing touch but to also help keep your work completely water proof.

It is important that your drip edges are placed on eaves as well and that the material that it is placed on is already been ice and water barrier treated.

Another key thing to remember is that you need to make sure that all the drip edges are securely nailed to the roof.

Best Time For Roof Repairs

It is never wise to do any type of roofing in the winter or early spring. The best times would be late spring or early summer. The latest that you can get away with repairing a roof would be in early fall. The roof needs time to completely seal before winter hits.

If you need roofing work done this year, take your time and find a good roofing company you feel comfortable with. You can research for a roofer online ask a friend or neighbor, or look through places like Angie’s List or Yelp. There are always lots of contractors advertising there and you can see the reviews other customer have left to help asses the kind of work they do and how they treat their customers.

Scam Alerts

Here is an example of a good roofing company in North Vancouver BC.

Amex Roofing and Drainage
323 Lynn Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2C4
(604) 985-1859

Taking Care of Drainage in And Around Your Home

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Excessive water supply is anyway harmful for a lawn’s growth. Water accumulated in the different parts of the lawn area raises drainage problems, which must be solved by following a good drainage system. Lawn drainage problems are primarily seen during the rainy season, and are a major concern for the lawn’s health. It is also highly dangerous for various plants functions like photosynthesis, metabolism, etc. Moreover, poor drainage also reduces the disease and pest resistance power of the lawn plants.

What Causes Poor Drainage?

The drainage problem in lawn is the result of many factors. This primarily includes the soil type and soil compaction. A soil type with high clay content and low organic matter highly boosts drainage problems in the lawn. Similarly, a highly compacted soil hardly gives any space for the air and water movement, and thus leads to hazardous drainage problems.

Solving the problem

The situation of lawn drainage adversely affects the grass roots and creates unhealthy environment for the grass’s growth. In order to tackle such situations, a well maintained drainage system is required. The drainage problems of a lawn can be solved by taking into account the following tips and advices-

· Aeration- One of the most recommended tricks is to aerate the lawn. You can use a punch core aerator for this process. Aerating aims at eliminating cores of soil and adds air pockets, thus helping in improving the drainage condition.

· Applying hardpan subsoil- Introducing hardpan subsoil like hardpan and hard clays also helps in solving the drainage problem. A few inches of hardpan subsoil layer prevents the passage of water to go through the ground.

· Adding compost- In order to hold water and improve drainage, it is advisable to top dress the soil by adding compost/sand blend or compost/top soil. This tips works successfully for heavy clay content soil as well as sandy soil. The main aim is to apply organic matter in the lawn that increases its retaining power.

· Making borders- If the lawn drainage problem exists in a small area of the lawn, then it is advisable to dig and make borders along with planting small plants that would automatically get the required water for growth.

· Top dressing- There is great chance of water being transferred from higher properties into your lawn. To solve such situation, it is recommended to raise the lawn to the same level by top dressing. Moreover, it is advised to lay down a drainage system between two properties.

· Drain Tile- A permanent drainage system can be availed by opting for a French drain, or more commonly known as “drain tile”. A  perimeter drainage system is an important component of household drainage and vital to keeping water away from the foundation. It is also important for drainage rain water off the lawn. without a proper perimeter drain tile system you will get water pooling in the yard and probably foundation damage to your home. If your perimeter drains are clogged, or collapsed then you’ll need a drain tile installation Vancouver professional to replace the sewer pipes.

· Adding scenic beauty- In case, you have no drainage option left; you can turn the messy situation into a beautiful landscaping feature. You can dig a small pond and get the excess water accumulated in it. Moreover, make the pond look scenic by adding natural features like aquatic life, rocks, fountain, etc.

You can easily achieve a well maintained drainage free lawn by following the above tips. Also, make sure to use the right type of soil that have low clay content and provide enough space for air and water movement.

House Painting Tips For The DIY Homeowner

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Painting the outside of your home may seem like a hard, long, and tedious nightmare. But with careful organized planning, a DIY house painting project will be a fun family experience providing a sense of accomplishment with little aggravation. This article will help you accomplish just that.

Pressure Cleaning

Every painting project should begin with pressure cleaning. Use a chlorine bleach solution to kill any mildew growing on the house. You can apply the solution either with a bug sprayer or an injector attachment with the pressure cleaner. The solution strength should be at least 10:1. Pressure cleaning will also remove any peeling paint, chalking, and stubborn dirt.

Patching, Caulking, Repairs

Open face cracks should be filed with a patching compound, not caulk. Caulking is used to seal windows, doors and corners. Caulk on an open face surface will flash when painted. Replace any damaged trim such as rotted fascia board or wooden door trim.

Sealer, Conditioner

An absolute necessity. I cannot stress enough the importance of sealing and priming an exterior before painting your home. Sealers and primers are less expensive than top coats and when properly applied reduce the amount of expensive top coats needed, saving you money. But more important is the moisture protection a good seal brings. Sealer locks out moisture and increases the life of your top coat. It prevents moisture seepage that works to break down your top coat while increasing the likelihood of mildew growth.

The Top Coats

Always choose high quality paint for the top coats. A few dollars here will make you painting experience more pleasant. Better coverage, less work, a better finish is just some of the benefits from using high quality top coats.

Flat vs. Satin

I always recommend using satin paint sheen over a flat. It is a little more expensive but worth the price. It creates a far better moisture barrier protecting the home from water seepage and mildew. A satin sheen also provides a better paint finish appearance.

Color selection:

Color Selection is a whole other area left for another article. For a simple guide, exterior trim may be painted either lighter or darker than the body depending on the neighborhood, landscape, or geographical area. The front door may be painted in a much darker, bolder color than the body and trim for more elegance. Following this simple exterior house painting guide will make your exterior house painting project less aggravating and hopefully a fun family experience.

Landscape Lighting For Curb Appeal

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High quality landscaping can add so much to a home or business, especially when the landscaping brings color and creativity to the forefront. When a homeowner or business owner takes the next step and adds landscape lighting, the result has the potential to be phenomenal.

Landscape lighting really enhances attractive landscaping, and can make ordinary landscaping stand out and turn into attractive landscaping. Adding landscaping isn’t necessarily all that difficult or even terribly costly, but the curb appeal which good landscape lighting adds is undeniable.

Adding landscape lighting can even enhance winter landscapes, accentuating trees, bushes, and even ornaments that really add to the visual affect that makes landscaping so appealing. Introducing landscape lighting to existing landscaping is a project that is definitely worth consulting with a professional. Having landscape lighting installed professionally can help you avoid some very common mistakes that detract from the landscape instead of enhancing it.

Installation Choices

Having your landscape lighting professionally installed will open up your options for landscape lighting more than most people realize. Professionals have a very critical eye for landscape and landscape lighting and can easily pull forth the best qualities to highlight while introducing you to your best option for you landscape lighting.

The installation of landscape lighting can be done at the time of having landscaping completed or landscape lighting can be added to existing landscaping. Having the landscape lighting added to landscape as it is being completed allows the landscaper an extra margin of creativity, creating the landscape lighting as an original part of the overall landscaping. Adding landscape lighting to existing landscaping may sometimes require a few transplantations and perhaps the addition of a few extra plants, but most of the time landscape lighting can be added to existing landscaping without rearranging anything. However, if you’ve been considering making a few additions or changes to your existing landscaping, doing so while installing landscape lighting is the perfect opportunity.

Curb Appeal

Homes with landscape lighting attract more attention than homes without landscape lighting. The better the landscape lighting, obviously, the more attention the homes or business will attract. Accent lighting and landscape lighting can bring forth a very different night time beauty that was previously overlooked. During the darker winter months, landscape lighting can add a value of warmth to the look of the home or business, which will make it appealing and inviting. During the summer months when the landscaping is in full bloom, landscape lighting will accentuate the best and most appealing parts of your landscaping while creating a very attractive and even festive look to the home or business.

Businesses that take the time to install landscape lighting are much more appealing than businesses that don’t. This additional appeal attracts clients and customers, especially those businesses which are open after dark even if for only part of the year. When a business is exceptionally appealing to clients and customers, they tend to attract regular and repeat business. Landscape lighting can be part of that attraction. There is a visual sense of calm that people associate with landscape lighting. That visual sense of calm make clients and customers feel at ease about coming inside and spending some time or money.

Homeowner Pride

Homes with landscape lighting are more appealing as well. Whether you are considering selling a home, having family and friends over, or simply want to make your home a nicer and more comfortable environment, landscape lighting can absolutely deliver what you’re looking for. Homes which are up for sale that have landscape lighting attract more potential buyers than homes without landscape lighting.

Professionally installed landscape lighting can offer a home or business owner variable options to enhance the qualities they believe are the most appealing while allowing a professional landscape lighting expert to make unbiased recommendations. This ensures that your landscape lighting will be more than adequate, it will be phenomenal. Don’t choose a landscape lighting professional carelessly. Often professional landscape lighting experts can offer you examples of their work, which in turn can give you confidence that you are hiring the very best in landscape lighting.

Having landscape lighting installed is a huge home or business improvement that will have noticeable effects right away. It is highly recommended to have your landscape lighting professionally installed and professionally maintained. Professional installation of landscape lighting is easy and adds value to a home or business without much effort and no inconvenience. Landscape lighting adds curb appeal faster than almost any other home or business improvement.

Why Choose Home Service Professionals

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Building a home is just one part of the story. The onus lies on us to ensure that it remains in good condition over a long period of time. The home may not have too many problems during the first few years. However, after a decade or so the elements of nature will start to play their part and in many cases signs of wear and tear will be fully visible. Hence there is a need for regular proactive, preventive and even reactive maintenance and upkeep of the home. This is not easy and though people might talk about DIY methods to do it, this may not be always possible. Hence, the best way forward would be to choose the right home service professionals. Many people might ask the question as to whether there is a need for them in the first place. Let us try and find answers for the same over the next few lines.

Different Types Of Home Service Professionals

When we talk about homes there are different types of professionals. On the one hand we have plumbers and carpenters. Then we also have electricians and home decorators and interior decoration specialists. We also need to hire the best of home care service providers for regular cleaning and upkeep of the home. Hence at the end of the day, we have quite a few professionals who work in tandem to ensure that our homes remain in good condition on a continuous and regular basis. Then we also have the best of HVAC and air conditioning mechanics to ensure that cooling and heating devices work properly. Yes, we also cannot forget the importance of locksmiths who are also considered very critical though there needs and requirements are not very common. If you wish to keep your home free from pests, then you certainly need to hire the services of pest control professionals. Hence, there are a number of people whose services might be required at different points in time.

Where To Hire Them

We know that it would simply be impossible to do all the maintenance, upkeep and other such jobs using DIY techniques on a continuous basis. Therefore we have to hire or at least have a few names available with us for contact and help whenever necessary. There are many ways and means by which you can hire them. you could take the help of friends, relatives and get references from them. The internet is perhaps the best way to hire them because you have a wider choice. You also can look up dozens of these professionals sitting in the comfort of your home which otherwise would not be possible.

What To Look For When Hiring Them

Whether it is carpenter, plumber, locksmith, electrician or others, there are a few common things you must bear in mind when hiring them. Experience and expertise are the two most important points to look for when hiring them. You also must look at their reputation, goodwill and reliability. Lastly, they must have the right skill set, qualification and infrastructure to do a good job of the various home service problems which might crop up every now and then.